Business Survey

Recently the Bristol Select Board appointed an Economic Development Task Force charged with the goal of assisting the Town of Bristol with development of business promotion, attraction and retention strategies, and programs in support of the local economy.

As a local business owner the Task Force considers your input an invaluable aid in achieving that goal.

We thank you in advance for taking a moment to answer some or all of the questions listed below.

* 1. Why did you choose to locate your business here?

* 2. Were there any challenges in the process of locating here?

* 3. Did you ask for or receive any assistance from a local organization, municipal office, or business?

* 4. What information, services or resources do you feel would be helpful in your continued growth and success here?

* 5. Who is your target customer?

* 6. How do you attract your customers?

* 7. Do you have any needs to expand or contract your business here?