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Feedback for the County Board on Possible Salary Changes

What salary do you think would be commensurate with the time required to perform the important local and regional responsibilities of an Arlington County Board Member? The County Board will hold a public hearing and possibly set a new salary cap at its June meeting. Before then, the Board wants to know what Arlingtonians think about what Board members should be paid. 

Under state law, the Board has had the authority to establish its own level of pay, in the same manner as other boards in Virginia, since January 2007. It last increased the maximum salary in January 2012, setting the cap for Board members at $57,337 and for the County Board Chair, $63,071. Currently, County Board members are paid $55,147, and the Board Chair earns $60,662.  

Under state law, the Board may set a new salary cap only once every four years and must do so prior to July 1 of the year in which at least 40 percent (two) of the County Board seats are up for election. 2019 is such a year. 
If the Board adopts a new cap, it would take effect January 1, 2020.

The Board would have the option of approving it incrementally over the next four years, up to the cap. The portion of the maximum salary that the County Board funds and pays would be subject to annual appropriation. 

Share your thoughts with the Arlington County Board. (Open until June 12)  

Question Title

* 1. How comfortable would you be with increasing the salary cap for Arlington County Board Members?  

*Current Salary Cap: $57,337
*Area Median Income (AMI) for individuals in the Arlington metropolitan area: $85,000
*AMI for a family of four in the Arlington metropolitan area: $121,300

Note: The AMI represents the income level where half have less than this level of income; and half have more than the amount listed.
Source: US Department of Housing & Urban Development.  April 2019.

$57,337 $85,000 $121,300
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

Question Title

* 2. What, if any, comments do you have for the County Board on salary related issues for members?

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