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The Greens Bayou Regatta is on Saturday, September 28, 2019. We are working hard to make this event a success, but need your help! Please consider being a valued volunteer at the starting or finish line.

Starting Line
Brock Park Golf Course
8201 John Ralston Rd
Houston, TX 77044

Finish Line
Thomas Bell Foster Park
12895 Greens Bayou Street
Houston, TX 77015

Please select which location and duty you prefer. Please understand there may be some re-shuffling of assignments on the day-of based on the number of volunteers. If you can do both locations then you're a rock star! Even though some shifts at each park overlap, we'll be happy to have your help at the finish line whenever you arrive.

All volunteers will receive an event T-shirt, coffee, snacks, lunch, beer (limit 2) and "swag" bag! Descriptions of the duties are below. 

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* 1. Where would you like to volunteer?

Duty Descriptions:


Check-In: Check-in racers, register day of participants, issue boat decal and whistles; site clean-up

"Swag" Table: Handout t-shirts and goodie bags to racers; site clean-up

Site Direction: Offer support and direction as to where racers stage their boats, find boat rentals, location of opening ceremony, restrooms etc.; general site clean-up

Boat Movers: Help paddlers move their boats to the start, if they need assistance. *Comfortable with mud; site clean-up

: Capture the action and share your photos with GBC! Follow up with Colleen if interested,

ID Check: Volunteer must be 21+ and hold a valid TABC certification. Please email a copy of certification to You will check IDs and issue wristbands to racers 21+; site clean-up


Site Setup (*8:30 - 10:00 AM*): set up pop-up tents, tables and folding chairs. Place signage and assist where needed.

Photographer: Capture the action and share your photos with GBC! Follow up with Colleen if interested,

Food Tent: Hand out lunch; site clean-up

Boat Movers: Help paddlers remove their boats from the water and move them to staging area. *Comfortable getting wet or muddy; site clean-up

Beer Tent: Volunteer must be 21+ and hold a valid TABC certification. Please email a copy of certification to Hand out canned beer to attendees with wristbands and limiting 2 per person. Issue new wristbands to those with ID's; site clean-up

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* 2. Brock Park  (8201 John Ralston Rd, Houston, TX 77044)

  Check-In "Swag" Table Site Direction Boat Sweeps Boat Movers Photographer ID Check
6:30 AM to 10:00 AM

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* 3. Thomas Bell Foster  (12895 Greens Bayou St, Houston, TX 77015)

  Site Setup *8:30-10am* Photographer Food Tent Boat Mover Music Tent Boat Sweep Beer Tent
10:00 AM to 2:30 PM

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* 4. Contact Information

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* 5. Shirt Size

Thank you for helping make the 4th Annual Greens Bayou Regatta a success! If you have any questions please contact Jordan Kieffer,

Follow @greensbayou for updates, use the hashtag #GreensBayouRegatta, and share the regatta website with your friends and family: