Dear Provider,

Community Behavioral Health (CBH) is requesting your feedback regarding the interactions we have had with your agency over the past year. Our Provider Satisfaction Survey is one of the primary means by which we gauge our performance and your feedback is important to us. 

First, you will be asked about your satisfaction with CBH as a whole and then the questions will progress into departmental specific sections. Respondents may complete the survey in its entirety or choose to answer the section(s) of the survey that are most relevant to them (for example, individuals working in the Claims Department can complete just the claims section of the survey, Utilization Review staff can complete just the Clinical Section of the survey, etc.). We have asked you to enter your professional title and department at the top of each department-specific section so that we can better understand responses without compromising your organization's confidentiality. 

We have added additional questions to determine the level of coordination and collaboration that is occurring between behavioral health providers and physical health practitioners and providers.  Please respond to the questions that best apply to your experience.

We have great interest in hearing your experiences with the different departments that comprise CBH.  Each response will be reviewed and analyzed, and the results will be posted on the CBH website.  Thank you in advance for your participation. 

Please respond to this survey by March 22, 2019. If you have technical difficulties in completing the survey please contact Luise Weber, CBH Lead Evaluation Analyst, at luise.weber@phila.gov. Please direct all other questions to your Provider Representative.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.