* 1. Do you read The Worthing Enterprise?
(The Worthing Enterprise is mailed once a month to all Worthing Residents)

* 2. Would you like the Worthing Enterprise to be published more than once a month?

* 3. Would you pay a subscription fee for that option?

* 4. If The Worthing Enterprise had a website how often would you visit it?

* 5. Do you read The Lennox Independent?
(The Lennox Independent is a weekly newspaper that carries almost of all of the Worthing
news on a weekly basis, available by subscription for $30 a year.)

* 6. What suggestions do you have for improving either the Worthing Enterprise or
The Lennox Independent newspapers?

* 7. Where do you do your grocery shopping?

* 8. Where do you do your banking?

* 9. Where to you go for eating out and entertainment?

* 10. From what community do you get most of your services?
(Insurance, Real Estate, Contractors, Mechanics, Attorneys, Medical, Etc.)