1. Minimum Wage

The Senate's first official action this session was to pass a bill to increase the minimum wage to $7.60, index the wage to the inflation rate (so that the hourly wage rate will go up whenever inflation rises), and allow municipalities to set a minimum wage above the state level (resulting in a number of different minimum wages around the state). The Assembly has also introduced the same bill and we believe they have the votes to pass the bill this session. The WGA is building a coalition along with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, the Wisconsin Innkeepers, and other small business organizations to address this issue.

Please complete this brief survey to help us better understand how you feel about this wage increase and how it will affect your business. Your results will help the WGA and its coalition partners to determine if options for a potential compromise exist. All responses are confidential.

* 1. Please select the description that best describes your business.

* 2. Please note how many of each of the following types of employees you have at your busiest time of year. Only count each employee in one category.

* 3. What percentage of your full-time or part-time regular employees (not seasonal) are currently paid the following:

* 4. What is the starting minimum wage at your business?

* 5. Of the employees earning the minimum wage in your store or business, what percentage are under the age of 20 (the state defines a minor as under the age of 20)?

* 6. Which of the following reflects your opinion

* 7. Some believe that a compromise may need to be negotiated on some of the terms of a state Minimum Wage increase, under the current political climate. Please help us to prioritize the following components most important to our industry relating to this issue, and rank each option with #1 as the highest importance and #5 as the lowest importance.

  1 2 3 4 5
Remove automatic annual Minimum Wage increases
Remove authorization for local governments to impose a Minimum Wage rate higher than the state
Reduce the proposed $7.60 new rate to a lower amount for "seasonal" or "temporary" employees
Postpone the increases for at least one year
Reduce the proposed $7.25 new rate for Minors (under age 20)

* 8. Do you feel that the state Minimum Wage for adult regular employees should automatically match the federal Minimum Wage?