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If you are credentialed with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, not in full-time ministry and wish to have your name placed on the CBAC Pulpit Supply and Interim Ministry List, please fill out the form below. IF ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION IS NOT INCLUDED (specifically credentialing information) THE ENTRY WILL BE INCOMPLETE AND WE WILL BE UNABLE TO ADD YOUR NAME TO THIS LIST. If you have a Church or Association license that is renewed yearly, in order for your name to remain on the list, please contact the CBAC office with the new expiry date of the renewal. FINALLY - this list will be updated on our website, once a month.
Important notes:
1. "Credentialed" refers to a person who has met the CBAC's requirements for accreditation as follows: Accredited Ordained, Recognized Convention Lay Pastor, Association/Church License
2. Both the Pulpit Supply List and Interim Ministry List will be available publicly on our website for anyone to access. Information published will include your name, city/town, province, phone number and credentials. Email addresses will not be published.
3. Both the Pulpit Supply List and Interim Ministry List are the property of the Executive Minister’s office, and the Executive Minister reserves final approval for names to be placed on these lists.

* 1. Title:

* 2. What is your name?

* 3. Tell us where you are and how to get in touch with you:

* 4. Please include any other phone numbers where you may be reached.