, a comprehensive nursing education website, wants to know about your experiences in nursing. We’re working on a new resource that will help nursing students learn about the good, the bad and the everyday realities of life as a nurse.

Was nursing what you expected? Would you recommend it as a career? What kinds of things should nursing students be aware of? What do you love or hate about nursing?

The survey can be taken anonymously. We really appreciate your help, and our website visitors will too!

* 1. I have a(n):

* 2. I work in:

* 3. I've been a nurse:

* 4. When I started my first nursing job after nursing school:

* 5. The best thing about my first nursing job was:

* 6. The most surprising thing about my first nursing job was:

* 7. The worst part of my first nursing job was:

* 8. I think my nursing school prepared me pretty well for the challenges of working as a nurse.

* 9. I wish my nursing school had provided me more information on or preparation for:

* 10. In my first few months, working as a nurse was:

* 11. The members of the nursing staff I worked with in my first position were:

* 12. In my opinion, the best area of nursing to start your career in is:

* 13. Please explain your answer to question 12.

* 14. The most challenging element of nursing is:

* 15. I spend the majority of my time as a nurse:

* 16. I have ______ patients at a time.

* 17. My patients are:

* 18. In terms of daily responsibilities, I feel like I have:

* 19. In general, my shifts:

* 20. I find doctors and other health care staff at work generally helpful and respectful.

* 21. If I could change on thing about the nursing field, it would be:

* 22. Being tech-savvy is:

* 23. In terms of my future in nursing, I see a lot of opportunities for growth.

* 24. In my work environment, continuing education and advanced degrees are:

* 25. Overall nursing is:

* 26. It would be okay for someone from to contact me with follow-up questions for a feature on nursing careers.

* 27. If you answered "yes" to question 26, please include your email below.