Join the fight for healthy, affordable food in California!

CFPA is committed to fighting hunger, poor nutrition, and their root causes through collaborative policy advocacy.
With your help, we can advance policy actions to improve the lives of struggling Californians. The information you provide will inform our priorities and actions in the coming year. We will continue to engage you as we develop our advocacy campaigns. Stay connected through CFPA Nutrition Action Alerts:


* 1. Contact Information

* 2. In general, how are things going in your community and in California as a whole?

* 3. When it comes to Californians being able to access affordable, healthy food......

Let's get down to the issues. Please list your top 3 priority issues. Please be as specific as you can - for example, "improving school meals", "immigration fears impacting hunger", or "affordable childcare" are all acceptable - but if you can be much more specific about a policy opportunity, campaign or problem, please do!

* 4. Which Nutrition and Food Access issues are most important this year? Issues can include problems or potential solutions (e.g., improving nutrition standards, healthy food incentives, senior hunger, etc.)

* 5. Which Social Justice issues are most important this year? Issues can include problems that need to be addressed, or social movements and solutions (e.g., poverty, immigration, affordable housing, economic development, etc.)

* 6. Please tell us about any state or local policies or advocacy campaigns that you're working on. If possible, let us know how we could support your efforts!

* 7. Is there anything else you think we should know or prioritize in the coming year?