Regional Roundtable Survey

The California Association of Youth Courts provides regional roundtable discussions for our members and others interested in starting or enhancing their youth courts throughout California.  Our first series of roundtables focused on starting a youth court and were well attended. In our effort to ensure we are meeting the needs of our members, we would like your input on future Regional Roundtable topics and other supports CAYC can provide for the further development of Youth Courts throughout California.  Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

* 1. Have you participated in a CAYC Regional Roundtable?

* 2. If you participated in a Regional Roundtable, have you been able to build your youth court team and start up your program with the information that was shared?

* 3. As a result of a Regional Roundtable, have you been able to connect with other youth courts in your area for support?

* 4. To assist us in preparing future Regional Roundtables, please rate the following topics with your level of interest.

  Very interested Somewhat interested A little interested Just curious about topic Not interested
Grant Writing
Jury Instruction/Training
Mentor Programs
Referral Agency Processes/issues
Teen Attorney Training
Youth Leadership Development
Sharing best practices of each court presenting at Roundtable
Sharing materials and processes
Sharing of ideas, programs and resources

* 5. Which of the following methods would be most helpful?

* 6. Have you explored the web site?

* 7. Have you used the website for resource materials?

Thank you for your assistance.  
Your input will be a valuable tool as we plan for future Regional Roundtables and
additional resources the California Association of Youth Courts may provide to it's membership.

For further information about holding a Regional Roundtable near you.  
Contact Jo Ann Allen, CAYC Vice President at