Translator Reimbursement Form
Ohio Department of Education

  • Please use this form to request reimbursement for translation services for Ohio's State Tests, the Ohio Graduation Test and the Alternate Assessment for Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities.
  • Please submit only one request per district per quarter for OST, one request per district per quarter for OGT and one request per district per quarter for AASCD.
  • There is no reimbursement for the OST English language arts tests. 
  • Information on translations for the OGT Reading test can be found in the OGT Test Administration Manual and the Ohio Accessibility Manual
  • Information on translations for the AASCD ELA test can be found in the AASCD test administration and coordinator manuals;
  • There will be reimbursement for all tests other than ELA, including tests administered using Spanish bilingual forms or Spanish text to speech, if the student's Spanish responses are translated into English. 
  • All student responses on tests must be submitted in English. If students' responses to constructed response items are in their native languages, the translator must translate students' responses into English. 
  • Districts are required to keep a complete record of all paid translators on file for audit by the Ohio Department of Education, should an audit become necessary. Translator names, addresses, contact information, dates of work, lists of tests translated, and salary are all necessary records.
  • Please complete the entire form and click the "Done" button at the end to submit. There will be no confirmation when the form is submitted. The window will close. I will send you a pdf of the submitted form for your records. If you do not receive a pdf of your form within one week of when you submitted, please contact
  • Please direct questions regarding reimbursement to Noël Nethers at