Retail Fufilment Awards - Best Disrupter

This category is designed to showcase and champion the best disruptors in the retail fulfilment sector. It reflects the rise of new digitally-enabled fulfilment-related businesses offering new fulfilment models and challenging established ways of doing business in fulfilment. It also highlights the retailers who are taking radically different and disruptive approaches to customer fulfilment. Disruption is not solely the prerogative of new businesses however, and we welcome submissions from established retailers who are disrupting their own supply chains and established logistics service providers who are helping them by reinventing their operations and commercial models. Submissions can be whole of business (EG disruptive service provider) or functional (EG disruptive approach to delivering service in a division or for a specific customer group)

* 1. Please briefly describe the disruptive initiative / model

* 2. In what ways is it customer-centric? Your response could include:
  • The premise of the disruption and how it positively impacts outcomes for the customer
  • Any aspects of the disruption which are designed directly to address perceived customer wants / needs
  • Evidence of customer engagement or involvement in the development, implementation or ongoing delivery of the disruptive service, process, technology or commercial approach

* 3. Please describe the effectiveness of the disruption. This could include:
  • Differentiated aspects of the fulfilment process which are consistent with your value proposition and the needs of your target segments
  • The degree to which the disruptor has “changed the paradigm” in the sector or fulfilment process - how exactly is the customer or commercial landscape different as a result of this disruption?
  • The level of innovation associated with the disruption

* 4. Please outline the commercial success of the disruption. This should include evidence of the effectiveness of the disruption in driving improved top and / or bottom line outcomes such as:
  • Customer satisfaction feedback metrics / NPS
  • Revenue growth or growth in take up of fulfilment services / options
  • RTEcognition by partners or customers Any additional / services revenue generated EG Delivery Insurance, premium services revenues