Best smaller retailer fulfilment (turnover under $50M)

This category is open to any retailer which has an annual turnover of less than $50million. It seeks to identify leading edge fulfilment services delivered without the benefits of significant scale. It will recognise those retailers who creatively addressed the needs of their customers to provide a brand-enhancing delivery experience while overcoming lack of scale efficiencies. We welcome joint submissions with commercial partners offering technology and / or services support as part of the overall offer.

* 1. Please provide a brief description of your fulfilment model

* 2. Please provide a brief description of the customer-centricity of the model. This could include:
  • Number and variety of fulfilment methods offered
  • Cost to customer of each option above
  • Customer self-service features

* 3. Please provide a brief description of how you and your team are delivering customer service without significant scale. This could include:
  • Differentiated aspects of the fulfilment process
  • Use of partners in the fulfilment offer
  • Personalisation of the fulfilment service
  • Evidence of cost-effective service design including features such as:  
     i.      Using store network
     ii.     Crowd-sourced fulfilment
     iii.     Social / share last mile services
     iv.     Localised fulfilment service support

* 4. Please describe your order receipt and return experience. This could include:
  • Quality and detail in customer communications about the impending delivery
  • Flexibility in delivery options - eg unattended; special instructions; designated drop off points etc.

* 5. Please outline the commercial success of your fulfilment services. This should include evidence of the efficacy of the features above and may cover:
  • Customer satisfaction feedback metrics / NPS
  • Customers in delivery loyalty schemes
  • Revenue growth or growth in take up of fulfilment services / options
  • Any additional / services revenue generated