Best Fulfilment Technology

The category rewards the innovative use of technology to deliver a range of potential outcomes. These may include differentiating fulfilment offers from competitors, delivering a better customer experience, reducing costs or improving the quality of collaboration between business functions or commercial partners. It can take any form including the development and deployment of new technologies and tools or the innovative use of existing technologies or tools. Technologies can be employed in any function associated with retail fulfilment including planning and order orchestration, inventory management; fulfilment customer service management; pick/pack/ship; returns or order tracking / status communications.

* 1. Please provide a brief description of your fulfilment technology

* 2. Please provide a description of the innovation in the technology. This could include:
  • Degree of technical innovation - either in developing new technical capabilities or in innovative uses for existing technology(ies)
  • Uniqueness of the technology and the capabilities it delivers
  • Evidence of innovation in processes supporting the technology to maximise its value

* 3. Please describe the effectiveness of the technology. This could include:
  • The ways in which the customer benefits from the technology deployed
  • Evidence of concrete improvements and which parts of the fulfilment process have been enhanced
  • Any additional (unforeseen) benefits from the deployment of the technology

* 4. Please outline the commercial success of the technology. This could include:
  • Numbers of users or instances in which the technology has been used and trend
  • Evidence of the positive impacts of the use of the technology, which may include, customer service satisfaction feedback, quality, timeliness and cost metrics and trend therein