Excellence in International fulfilment

This category rewards those retailers who are selling to overseas customers and providing a differentiated fulfilment experience. It seeks to identify the most effective examples of order fulfilment in terms of time, cost and flexibility. We welcome joint submissions with commercial partners offering technology and / or services support as part of the overall offer. The category also seeks to identify and recognise excellence in any geography-specific aspects of the fulfilment offer which have been tailored to suit the needs of the local market, beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to overseas fulfilment.

* 1. Please provide a brief description of your international fulfilment initiative

* 2. Please provide a brief description of the effectiveness of your fulfilment offer. This could include:
  • Breadth of countries and regions where fulfilment service is offered
  • Time to service each major geography
  • Cost to customer to service each geography
  • Evidence of more than one fulfilment option for some / all geographies

* 3. Please provide a description of how your fulfilment offer has been localised. This could include:
  • Language options available to describe and support the fulfilment experience
  • Localised last mile - eg bike courier / concierge drop off in high density cities
  • Tailoring of the receipt experience - eg language or culturally appropriate packaging inserts / order documentation / Ease of returns and localised returns options / infrastructure
  • Localised service support eg local language customer call centre; virtual local service support (eg Australian-based but language-specific)

* 4. Please describe your fulfilment partners. This could include:
  • Range and type of fulfilment partners used eg air freight providers; local service providers for last mile; local postal services; order optimisation technology partners
  • Innovation in the use of partners - eg specialised services; use of local agents / complimentary businesses to assist with last mile

* 5. Please describe the commercial success of your international fulfilment offer. This could include:
  • Numbers of overseas customers, evidence of growth in overseas revenues
  • Customer satisfaction metrics or NPS scores for overseas customers