This survey relates to all of your library 2021 summer meal activities and summer reading, learning, and exploration programs. Part 1 focuses on summer meal programming for 2021, and Part 2 focuses on summer exploration/reading/learning programs for 2021.

Please help us avoid duplication! Report all statistics only once; e.g. once you report activities for meals programming, do not include them in your Summer @ Your Library statistics in Part 2.

Unless otherwise instructed, please answer the questions for the library jurisdiction as a whole, considering all of the activities of all of your library outlets.

The 2021 Summer Survey Questions and Guidance document is available for use to familiarize yourself with the questions, to gather data for submission, and to reference while submitting statistics online.

Please note: if you realize after you finish the survey they you need to change your submission, you can do, provided you use the same computer and the same browser. 

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