Sound Transit car-tab taxes and need for accountability

* 1. Currently, Sound Transit is responsible for spending $54 billion in taxpayer funds but the King County Executive appoints the majority of its governing board and Snohomish and Pierce County executives appoint the rest.  Do you support Sen. O’Ban’s efforts to allow the people to elect Sound Transit board members by district?

* 2. Currently, Sound Transit is using the MSRP method to value vehicles when calculating car tab taxes. The MSRP method is known to inflate the value of cars.  Sen. O’Ban’s bill would prohibit the state from aiding in the collection of Sound Transit car tab taxes unless they revert to a market-based method (like the Kelley Blue Book method) of calculating a vehicle's value.  Do you favor this effort?

* 3. Senator O’Ban’s bill, SB 5893, would cut Sound Transit’s car-tab taxes by 55 percent and require vehicle taxes to be based on market value in order to be collected.  Do you support this effort to cut your car-tab taxes?

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