Overview and General Information

This call for proposals includes all submissions for the 2023 Autism CARES Meeting on July 11-12 in Washington, D.C. The theme for this year's meeting is "Moving the Autism CARES Act from Research to Practice: Using Evidence to Improve Training and State Programs."

The meeting is an opportunity for HRSA-funded CARES grantees (representing research, training, and state systems) to share information about activities within their respective networks, discuss emerging trends, and facilitate meaningful collaboration. This meeting is open to Autism CARES grantees and invited federal agencies. Proposals will be accepted for poster symposia sessions or concurrent sessions. More details about both sessions are below.

Poster Sessions:
With the guidance of a moderator, presenters will speak for 1-2 minutes round-robin style about their poster at the beginning of the session. Individual poster presenters will then speak with attendees directly for the remainder of the session. If your presentation is accepted in this format, you will be expected to create and hang a poster (not larger than 4' tall by 8' wide) and remove the poster at the conclusion of your assigned session. Electronic versions of posters, in PowerPoint or PDF format, are also required and will be posted on the Autism CARES Meeting website before and after the event.
Concurrent Sessions:
This portion of the meeting is intended to highlight promising practices, innovative strategies, or emerging trends related to this year's meeting theme. Proposals may include a single presenter or a panel of up to three presenters. Time for interactive discussion is encouraged. Electronic versions of presentations, in PowerPoint or PDF format, are also required and will be posted on the Autism CARES Meeting website before and after the event.

Upon submission of your presentation proposal, you will not receive an automatic receipt. If you are concerned about your submission, you may confirm receipt with ITAC staff via itac@aucd.org. 

Question Title

* 1. I understand that all presenters must register for the meeting and are responsible for all associated travel and attendance costs. If you are selected for an Autism CARES poster or concurrent session, there is a reduced registration fee ($150.00).

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* 2. In submitting this proposal, I assume the responsibility of a presentation leader. As a presentation leader, I am responsible for notifying any co-presenters of all requirements, including registration, meeting fees, scheduling information, and accessibility requirements. I am also responsible for communicating with AUCD staff regarding the status of the presentation.

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* 3. I would like this proposal to be considered for the following type of presentation: