Welcome. The survey will take approximately  15-20 minutes to complete - so grab a cup of tea and get comfy! Please do not feel obliged to answer every single question; just do what you can.
Who is this survey for?
Please fill in this survey if you are cared-for and:
i ) Work in the screen industries yourself
ii ) Are cared-for by someone who works in the screen industries
About this survey:
This is the most extensive survey into carers and cared-for experiences in the screen industries in the UK; your feedback is vital to our future plans and we appreciate you spending the time to share your experiences and opinions. Please do encourage others to contribute as well. 
We will publish the survey results in line with Carers Week 2019 in June, and make a call-to-action to individuals and organisations large and small, to make pledges for change based on the survey results.
Although the focus of this study is carers, in future we will be conducting an in-depth study into the cared-for in the screen industries and are currently working with agencies to support this. 
This survey should be accessible to everyone. If you have any concerns accessing the survey please contact Mounira at Raising Films. The survey can be accessed by phone. Just email Mounira to arrange a phone call.
Thank you
The Raising Films Team
*We understand that thinking about your circumstances while filling in this survey may cause distress. If you are affected in any way by this please visit the Carers UK website for information, support and advice. 
Sharing and further use of your personal information
Persons who will have access to your information will include the Raising Films project management and academic research teams directly involved with this survey. We will not contact you unless you have given us consent to do so. Your information will not be shared with any third parties other than those stated in this policy and any references to the information you share in this survey will be anonymised.

The information collected about you may be used in an anonymous form to support other research projects/publications in the future and access to it in this form will not be restricted. It will not be possible for you to be identified from this data. For full details of how we adhere to GDPR legislation please download this PDF.