The Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (CAPM&R) is grateful for your participation in our Annual Scientific Meeting. We understand the great amount of time, effort,and expertise that this presentation involves.

We encourage you to share the annual conference experience by allowing us to post your presentation on the CAPM&R website following the meeting.


a. Presenters are invited to provide the CAPM&R with an electronic copy of their presentation. Presentations will be posted on the CAPM&R website in PDF format.

b. The presentations you provide to us on-site at the time of the conference will be the version posted to the website.

c. If a slide contains material not suitable for publication, it should be removed from the copy given to the CAPM&R for posting to the website.

d. Slides should not contain information that may compromise the privacy of a patient unless there is formal, written consent.


a. A disclaimer will be posted on the CAPM&R website stating: “The information and ideas in the attached slides represent the views of the presenter at the time of the presentation. The information is intended to be used for educational purposes and should not replace clinical judgment or other sources of information.”

b. A message will be posted reminding viewers that it is illegal to steal intellectual property.

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I authorize the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (CAPM&R) to provide a copy of my presentation on the website at following the Annual Scientific Meeting.