1. User Guide & Testing Feedback

Emergency Locator Map (ELM) Introduction


This project was driven by emergency responders and managers who desired to use the same data and maps as the 911 PSAP call takers, county and city address coordinators, and GIS staff throughout the region. This provides more consistency in communications, and feedback from the field to improve the databases serving these maps. Obviously, when lives and property are threatened, accurate information and efficiency in responding to the situation is paramount.

The region’s GIS Planning Council and GIS/Map User Group, as well as the Capital Area Emergency Communications District (CAECD), support this effort. In addition, a substantial financial investment was made to provide the technological infrastructure necessary for deployment. It is our hope that you will use this application as the primary means for locating addresses and referencing information on the map to help fulfill your responsibilities successfully. The CAPCOG Emergency Locator Map application can be used on virtually any computer or smart device, including your mobile phone.

*Note that you will access and use the Emergency Locator Map app in Part 2*