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The C.A. MacLean Foundation will be sponsoring six ten-week internships in 2019.
The internship program will allow students to learn first-hand the importance of community journalism, having them work alongside the editors, reporters and photographers of the community newspapers in Alberta or Northwest Territories.

Newspapers chosen by lottery to participate in the internship program will select their own intern(s) from candidate application profiles supplied to them by the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association in conjunction with the C.A. MacLean Foundation committee. A candidate must be identified before funding will be approved for the program.

Participating newspapers must agree to pay the intern $20 per hour (based on a 35 hour work week) for a 10-week period, which will be split 50/50 between the newspaper and program funding. The host newspaper is responsible for any applicable employment and payroll taxes and work related expenses, and the AWNA will contribute funding of $3500 at the conclusion of the internship, once the completion form is submitted and approved.

Please note that the host newspaper may extend the internship period beyond ten weeks, but there will be no additional funds outside of the $3500 contributed. If you choose to extend the internship period over a greater allocation of hours, you could alter your per hour wage accordingly to still meet the total salary as outlined by the program. For any alterations to the original ten-week schedule, notification would need to be provided to the committee for approval; the revised pay scale would also need to be addressed and agreed upon with the intern prior to selection.

The deadline for applications is December 1, 2018

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This form must be complete and submitted by December 1, 2018

with questions, please contact:
Allana Bridgewater, Internship Coordinator
3228 Parsons Road, Edmonton, AB  T6N 1M2 | 780-434-8746 ext. 214