CAMS Learning CoP for Professionals Working with Adult Populations

CAMS is an evidenced-based treatment framework used to assess suicidality and specifically treat suicide risk. CAMS trainings provide mental health professionals with essential knowledge in using the CAMS framework to collaborate with patients in the treatment of their suicidal drivers. 

This Learning CoP is designed for those who have already taken part in the In-Person CAMS-Care Training. If you have not yet completed this training and are interested in joining an in-person CAMS-Care Training, please visit: 

Learning CoP participants must commit to joining in all 3 CoP webinars. Participants will learn how to overcome common barriers faced when implementing the CAMS Treatment Framework. Participants who join in all 3 webinars will receive 3 CEUs and will also receive a "Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: 2nd Edition" book by CAMS-Care to provide technical assistance as they continue to implement the CAMS Treatment Framework. 

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