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Every four years the Cameron Foundation works with local health and community organizations to complete a community health assessment. We collect information from community members to better understand the overall health of our communities, including what health concerns residents have, what support systems they use to help them stay healthy, and what barriers they face to stay healthy. 
This information helps organizations that provide health and social services better understand the resources and concerns in our communities and work together to address health concerns. 
In this survey we will ask you questions about:  
  • Yourself  
  • Where you find health information  
  • What community resources you use to stay healthy  
  • What health concerns you have for yourself, family, or community  
  • What changes you would like to see in your community to help you and others stay healthy. 
  • The strengths or assets that are present in your community 
Your responses will be anonymous and you do not have to answer any questions you do not feel comfortable answering. The results of the survey will be available to the community by the spring of 2023. 

Question Title

* In the last four (4) years, was there a time when you needed medical care but were not able to get it?

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