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* 1. Atom Probe Tomography (APT)

Atom Probe Tomography is a quantitiative technique that provides atomic scale 3D elemental mapping of chemical heterogeneities in materials. Typcial users of atom probe tomography include scientists and engineers interested in nanoscale compositional variations. Laser APT has proven effective in semiconductors, compound semiconductors, thin films and nanowires, ceramics and oxides as well as device structures. Metallurgical applications also benefit significantly from APT.

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* 2. Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)

When a solid sample is sputtered by primary ions of few keV energy, a fraction of the particles emitted from the target are ionized. Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry consists of analyzing these secondary ions with a mass spectrometer. Secondary ion emission by a solid surface under ion bombardment supplies information about the elemental, isotopic and molecular composition of its uppermost atomic layers. The secondary ion yields will vary greatly according to the chemical environment and the sputtering conditions (ion, energy, angle). This can add complexity to the quantitative aspect of the technique. SIMS is nevertheless recognized as the most sensitive elemental and isotopic surface analysis technique.

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* 3. Electron Probe MicroAnalysis (EPMA)

EPMA is a fully qualitative and quantitative method of non-destructive elemental analysis of micron-sized volumes at the surface of materials, with sensitivity at the level of ppm. Routine quantification to 1% reproducibility is obtained over several days. It is the most precise and accurate micro-analysis technique available and all elements from B to U and above can be analyzed.

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