The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) is working with design and development firm Few to implement an organizational rebrand with associated logo(s) for the library system and related organizations. CALS's related organizations include the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the Friends of Central Arkansas Libraries, the CALS Foundation, the Arkansas Literary Festival, River Market Books & Gifts, and Ron Robinson Theater. The anticipated completion time is early 2018.

To complete the first phase of this process, we are asking for your help as a patron of CALS.  Your answers to the questions below will help us to increase our visibility in the community and improve the public's awareness of the many resources and services available from the Central Arkansas Library System.

Your identity will be anonymous to us and your answers will be available only to select employees of CALS and of Few.

* 1. If you were to use one word -- other than "library" -- to describe CALS, what would that word be?

* 2. In a sentence or two, how would you explain CALS to someone who has never heard of it before?

* 3. Beyond being a library, what services do you know that CALS offers?