General Information

17% of survey complete.

CAHA is gathering information about our members' programs and participants. The information will be used in our educational efforts about what California housing authorities do and who we serve.

The first page of the survey collects general information about your housing authority. Each page after that is dedicated to different types of programs and funding. All the questions on page one are required to be completed, and the first question on each subsequent page is also required. Please take the time to answer all the questions that pertain to your housing agency.

Thank you for your participation.

* 1. Agency Name:

* 2. Person completing survey:

* 3. Your email address in case we have questions:

* 4. Please identify which geographic area type represents your Agency/PHA.

* 5. Please identify which housing market(s) best describe the ones in which your agency/PHA operates its programs?

* 6. What is your agency/PHA's organizational structure?

* 7. How many employees does your Housing Authority have?

* 8. For your last completed fiscal year, how much did your agency spend on operations (excluding HAP)?