CAESAR had a significant upgrade in October 2017, and this is your opportunity to provide feedback on what you like and what you don't like.

NOTE: If you are both a Northwestern student and faculty/staff member, please answer the following questions from the perspective of your role as a student.

* 1. What do you like LEAST about CAESAR?

* 2. What do you like BEST about CAESAR?

* 3. If you could change one thing about CAESAR, what would it be?

* 4. Is there anything you wish were in CAESAR that is not currently?

* 5. Which of the following CAESAR components do you think are in greatest need of updates, fixes, or enhancements?
Please try to limit yourself to 5 components.

* 6. Which features in CAESAR could you live without?

* 7. I can find what I'm looking for quickly in CAESAR.