A survey was sent to all students in June 2012. It is clear students are anxious to have a dialogue and provide ongoing feedback about CAESAR.
To continue this dialogue, please use this survey to help us prioritize work on CAESAR in the coming year.

NOTE: If you are both a Northwestern student and faculty member, please answer the following questions from the perspective of your role as a student.

* 1. Do you think that improving the Class Search should be the highest priority for those working on CAESAR?

* 2. Which of the following CAESAR components do you think should be high priority in terms of requiring updates, fixes, and/or enhancements? You may choose up to 5 components.

* 3. Please provide any other comments about CAESAR in general, about the new CAESAR Home Pages, or about anything else relevant to the user experience in CAESAR.

* 4. Please select your school.

* 5. Which best describes your plan of study?

* 6. Are you interested in participating in a focus group or usability testing in order to help us enhance CAESAR?