GGFHRA Board Applications 2022

Please fill out all questions. Applications are due by end of day on October 21st.

Are you looking to further your HR career and gain valuable professional development experience, as well as a strong HR network outside of your organization? The GGFHRA Board would like to announce our upcoming 2023 board openings: Membership Director, Certification Director, Diversity & Inclusion Director.
Board members assist with managing and developing the chapter including meetings and programming to assist members. To be considered for the GGFHRA Board, you must:
  • Be a GGFHRA Chapter member in good standing before and during your term of office
  • Commit to a 2-year term on the GGFHRA Board
  • Commit to attend all monthly GGFHRA Chapter and Board meetings, as well as a yearly planning meeting of the GGFHRA Board, in addition to a majority of other scheduled events as well as carrying out the duties of the office.
2023 GGFHRA Board Openings
MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR: Serves as Chair of the membership Committee; encourages membership growth; maintains the official membership of the Chapter; coordinates member orientation; and performs all other duties and services requested by the President or required by the bylaws of the Chapter. National SHRM membership is required for this role.
CERTIFICATION DIRECTOR: This Director shall be responsible to manage the chapter’s certification study program, as well as encourages members to become certified and recertified. Current SHRM Certification is required and national SHRM Membership highly encouraged.
DIVERSITY & INCLUSION DIRECTOR: This Director shall be responsible to provide programs opportunities for community interaction, and additional information to the Chapter on all aspects of diversity.
1.Name & Email
2.Company & Job Title
3.Are you a current GGFHRA member in good standing?(Required.)
4.How many years of HR experience do you have?
5.Which GGFHRA Board position(s) are you interested in?
6.Why are you interested in joining the GGFHRA Board?
7.What programming & chapter ideas do you have for the upcoming year?
8.Do you have a current SHRM Certification? 
9.Are you a member of national SHRM?
10.Can you commit to a 2-year term, attending monthly chapter & board meetings, and attending a yearly planning meeting?(Required.)
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