Mentee Survey

The SEG Women's Network Committee is working to develop a mentoring portal. While it is in development and construction, the members have expressed interest in starting formal mentoring functionalities to help mentors and mentees. This survey will help determine a mentee's match with prospective mentors.

Mentoring is one of the SEG Women's Network Committee's top priorities for 2017. If you know other professionals and/or students who would like to be mentored, please share our web page with the mentee survey link, and ask your friends/colleagues to take the survey.

Thank you for participating in SEG Women's Network Mentoring program.

The SEG Women's Network extends our gratitude and well wishes to you.

* 1. Full Name

* 2. Email Address

* 3. Why would you want to have a mentor?

* 4. Did you ever have a mentor?

* 5. Do you have any mentors in your life right now?

* 6. Will you be able to fulfill the commitments of the program? (Set by mentor & mentee, but no less than ½ hour once per month for a minimum of six months.)

* 7. What is your job specialty or degree major(s)?

* 8. What is your current functional role?

* 9. What attributes are you looking for in a mentor?

* 10. Where are you located?

* 11. If English is NOT your primary language, indicate your preference(s):

* 12. If needed, are you willing to use teleconference tools for remote mentoring? Such as,

* 13. Do you prefer a male or female mentor

* 14. What type of mentoring do you prefer?

* 15. How would you describe yourself?

* 16. How do you think your friends and family members would describe you?

* 17. How open are you to sharing your personal values and learning about the differences in values of your mentor?

* 18. Do you have any questions about the program?