Cleveland Business Connects (CBC) magazine has spent the last nine years providing coverage of Corporate Northeast Ohio. Its print issue, with a circulation of 20,000, is published every other month. To date, we have emphasized the coverage of female professionals, business networking, and corporate events. Our future coverage areas as well as the medium in which we relay this information may be dictated, in part, by your input as a past, present or future advertiser. With that in mind, we would appreciate if you could answer the following 15 questions. All inquiries can be directed to CBC Publisher Renee DeLuca Dolan at

* 1. Your company's yearly advertising budget:

* 2. How do you determine the success of your advertising (i.e. what metrics do you use)?

* 3. Evaluate the following methods of advertising specific to your company's campaign(s):

  Not applicable Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied
Online Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
Print Advertising
Radio Advertising
TV Advertising

* 4. What is your perception of advertising in CBC?

* 5. Have you advertised with CBC in the past?

* 6. In which other Northeast Ohio-based publications have you advertised? (skip if not applicable)

* 7. Compared to other business publications, do you believe you get more or less value from CBC? Why?

* 8. Compared with its competitors, where does CBC rank in the following coverage areas?

  Much better than competitors Somewhat better than competitors Same as competitors Somewhat worse Much worse than competitors
Business Networking
Corporate Event Planning
Corporate Northeast Ohio
Female Professionals/Entrepreneurs

* 9. If CBC is not No. 1 in any of these four coverage areas, which publication is and why?

* 10. Please indicate on a scale of 1 to 5 how well CBC addresses your specific advertising needs and concerns:

  Uncertain 1 (worst) 2 3 4 5 (best)
Ad Design
Circulation / Distribution
Customer Service
Editorial Content
Target Audience / Demographic

* 11. Please evaluate the following aspects of CBC:

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor No Opinion
Ease of reading
Layout and design
Monthly Enewsletter (Connections)

* 12. How do you prefer to read CBC magazine?

* 13. Please give a specific example of how you would like to see us improve.

* 14. Is there anything else you would like to share or discuss about advertising in CBC?

* 15. If you are interested in being entered to win FREE tickets toward our six signature events in 2016, please provide us with your contact information: