* 1. In your experience, has the shuttle usually been on time?

* 2. Have you ever tried to run to catch a shuttle?

* 3. If you said yes to question 2: Did the driver see you? Did they wait?

* 4. Do you feel like the drivers pay enough attention to things like students running for a shuttle?

* 5. Has a late or early shuttle, or a shuttle that has left you behind, ever caused you to be late to something important like a class, work or a meeting?

* 6. Do you feel like there are enough shuttles?

* 7. Overall, are you satisfied with the Grand Shuttle Service (Express and/or Regular)?

* 8. Are there specific times of the day or certain shuttles that you have problems with? (ie: The Grand Shuttle at the Salus Center at 11:00 am is always late). By letting us know specifics, we can make a stronger case to the transportation department.

* 9. Can we know your year and major? It isn't required, but it helps us to know that this problem spans more than one major group.

* 10. Anything else you would like to say about the Grand Shuttles?

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