Focus Group for MI Cancer Alliance Project

The Community Health Worker, Patient Navigator and Promotore de Salud Alliance are creating motivational interview (MI) advanced sessions for PNs, CHWs, PdS and care coordinators throughout the state to put into practice the MI techniques many have learned in a formal setting.  The session is geared towards understanding how to apply the principles of MI for difficult to reach populations. 


What We Need!

The Colorado Colorectal Cancer Screening Program conducted a listening tour in 2017, to better understand resistance to preventive screening for colorectal cancer. We wish to understand if these are some of the same experiences you face in the field.

We hope we can ask for your time to provide input about what issues you are facing in the field to navigate for cancer prevention and what are common issues you experience where you need help.

The Alliance team has created modules for integrating motivational interviewing and how to apply these principles for the difficult to reach-populations. We need feedback about if these approaches we are creating are consistent with the needs in your community.

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