Online Civic Government

The City of Portage offers its citizens several ways to connect and communicate with us. However, communications preferences change and your feedback will help the city continue to provide relevant and desired online civic government offerings. Thank you for taking this short survey! 

* 1. The city provides Facebook pages for specific audiences interested in our Parks and Recreation programs, Senior Citizen Services and Public Safety. What additional Facebook pages would you like us to provide?

* 2. The City provides a mass notification system called "PortageAlert" which informs subscribers of certain weather alerts, upcoming City-sponsored events, hydrant flushes, leaf collection reminders, snow plowing progress notifications and Senior Center information. What type of alerts would make this system more relevant to you?

* 3. The City provides an online reporting tool that allows citizens to report on 34 items that fall under the categories of blight, violations, infrastructure maintenance issues and hazards. The full list can be found here: Report It!. Are there any additional items you would like us to add?

* 4. The City offers an online app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play as "Mi.Portage." The comprehensive app includes access to: City News, City Events, Parks Locator, K-Metro Bus Locator, PortageAlert, Report It and Fetch Mobile GIS. Would you like to see additional connections added to this app? If so, what would they be?

* 5. In addition the the previous online civic engagement tools listed, the City offers the BoardSync electronic agenda system, BS&A property, tax and cemetery lookup system and online payments and Media Center. Are there any additional online civic engagement applications you would like the City to explore or provide and if so, why?