1. Dear SCPD Alumni

The Junior Mentoring Program is a student centered program that seeks to aid students' transition into the university and prepare them for their college career. The program is geared toward first-year and transfer students and the focus is on preparation for the demands of their major, opportunities for professional and personal development through SCPD programs and other extracurricular activities.

In order to kick-off the program next semester, we are surveying our alumni body to get an assessment of members interest in mentoring a junior student for one semester. Also, we would like to offer other opportunities for our alums to reconnect and re-engage with the office and the College of Business.

Please take a moment to let us know your level of interest

* 1. Contact information

* 2. What was your major/minor at CSULB?

* 3. What year did you graduate?

* 4. SCPD would like to offer different opportunities for our Alumni to reconnect and engage in our mission. Which events/opportunities interest you?

* 5. We welcome your suggestions and/or comments to help us provide meaningful opportunities for both, our current members and alumni:

Thank you for your participation!

Should you experience any difficulties or issues answering this survey, please contact Eve Espindola, SCPD's Program Coordinator, at evelise.espindola@csulb.edu