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This survey is for anyone who has been approached or is taking part in research at the University of Utah, VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, Primary Children's Hospital, or Shriner's hospital. This survey is administered by the University of Utah Institutional Review Board, the entity that monitors and regulates all human subject research at these institutions.

Your survey will be anonymous, unless you type in identifying information about yourself. Your survey will only be viewed by the IRB staff. 

Research participants are encouraged to express any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding involvement in a research study. You may prefer to speak directly to the investigator or members of the study staff. However, if you are unable to contact the investigator or would prefer to report the complaint to the IRB, you may do so by calling 801-581-3655 or sending an email to

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Please indicate how much you agree or disagree:

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree:

  Definitely Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Definitely Disagree N/A
I was given time to read and think over the consent document for myself.
I was given the opportunity to ask questions about the study and they were all answered to my satisfaction.
I understood clearly what was expected of me if I agreed to participate in the study.
I was given a copy of my signed consent.
I knew I could quit the study at any time and it would not affect my benefits.
The consent document was easy to read.
The person that asked me to take part in the study explained the reason for the study.
The research staff was friendly and courteous.
I received names and telephone numbers of someone to call if I had additional questions or problems.
I felt that I was rushed into making the decision of whether to participate or not.
I was told about the possible bad things that could happen to me if I took part in the study.
I felt forced to take part in the study.
I was bothered by how they approached me about the study (for example didn't want to be called at home, or they asked me too many times, etc.)
If asked in the future, I would take part in another study.