We are delighted to announce the next SpaFinder Spa Specialist training, which will be held in New York at the SpaFinder corporate office: 257 Park Avenue South, Floor 10, New York, NY. Date is still to be determined. Hosted by SpaFinder, the training is a one-day course in selling spa vacations, which will give you an edge when selling spa and wellness to your clients.

Please complete this application in order to be considered.

Those who attend the training must complete a short exam, shortly after the training course, in order to complete the certification process and become a SpaFinder Spa Specialist. All certified Spa Specialists will be listed on SpaFinder.com and be eligible to receive leads from us.

Space for this training course is limited. In order to be eligible for consideration, you must answer each question below.

Thank you for your interest in the SpaFinder Spa Specialist Training Course!

1. Please tell us the following:

2. Why would you like to participate in the 2012 SpaFinder Spa Specialist Training program?

3. If you have booked spa/wellness vacations for clients in the past, please list names of the spas you have booked:

4. Given the current economic climate, how do you encourage your clients to partake in spa/wellness travel?

5. How long have you been a travel agent?

6. Are you a member of:

7. How many spa/wellness vacations did you sell in 2011?

8. Please indicate your total annual sales last year (from January - December 2011).

9. Please indicate your total annual gross spa/wellness sales last year (from January - December 2011).

10. Please indicate your agency's total annual gross spa/wellness sales last year (from January-December 2011).