1. MobileWise Survey

Thank you for taking this survey. It will enable us to develop our programme for informing children and parents. It only has 10 quick questions.

This survey is for adults over 18. If you are younger than 18, please complete the under-18 survey by clicking on the "Under 18 Survey" button.

Please don't fill in this survey if you live outside the UK.

Thanks from the MobileWise team.

* 1. This information will help us analyse the survey results:

* 2. Before visiting this website, did you know that the UK Department of Health advise that under 16’s should limit their mobile phone use to short essential calls?

* 3. Please tell us what information has most convinced you to take steps to use phones more safely:

* 4. Please tell us what you thought of our website

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Design and style
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Practical information
Safe Mobile Code

* 5. Please tell us if you have children and their age group