1. Professional Wedding Photography Survey October 2009

I would love to know your thoughts on professional wedding photography. Thank you for filling out this short survey!

Please feel free to forward this survey to anyone you may know getting married in the UK.

Urban Bridesmaid Photography

* 1. When are you getting married?

* 2. What part of the UK will your wedding be held?

* 3. 1. How important is professional photography for your wedding?

* 4. How did you find your photographer?

* 5. If you have chosen your photographer, what was the deciding factor for picking them?

* 6. How much have you budgeted for/spent on wedding photography?

* 7. For the question above, what wedding photography products are you getting? (tick as many that apply)

* 8. What would you expect to pay/be willing to pay for these wedding photography products?

* 9. What style of wedding album do you prefer?

* 10. Would you rather have 3-4 packages to choose from or would you prefer to have an a'la cart menu to choose individual services and items?