We are now looking ahead to the next AMI 3-6 Course in 2018 and seek your feedback on course formats

* 1. If you have a staff member/s on the current AMI 3-6 summer format course, how has it affected your school? (if applicable)

* 2. Are you considering sponsoring a student for the next AMI 3-6 Diploma Course?

* 3. Would you consider sponsoring a student on a 3 - 6 summer format course? 

* 4. Would a modular format work more effectively for your school?  The modules could be up to 4 weeks in length over the school holidays (in line with Primary school breaks) and often a week either side?

* 5. Would your school consider sponsoring a student for an Academic year course?  This would run from January - late October (approx.)

* 6. Please enter your contact details.

* 7. Are there any other comments that you would like MMEF to take into account when considering different formats for the next course? Thank you very much for filling out this survey.