The Recruitment Industry Business Confidence Index (RIBCIX) is prepared bi-annually by Navigator Consulting & Research as a valuable management tool for recruitment industry leaders. Navigator Consulting has been producing useful industry data since 1998.

The data collection is fast to complete and aggregated results will be shared at no charge to respondents.

All responses are confidential and the results will give you valuable information for the management of your recruitment business.

* 1. What are your growth expectations for the half year to 30 June 2018 (compared to the half year to December 2017):

  Reduced by 20% or more Reduced by 10% No change Increased by 10% Increased by 20% or more
No. of recruitment consulting staff
No. of recruitment resourcing staff
Net Revenue (after any temp/contract costs)
Net Profit (before tax)
Temporary/contract net revenue
Permanent revenue
Staff Training Spend
Technology spend
Operating costs

* 2. Do you have the following in place:

  Yes No
Written business plan
Financial budgets and planning
Written Marketing Plan
Consultant activity measures
Unique selling points for your firm
Advisory Board
Operations Manual
Quality assurance program
Owner succession plan
Formal exit strategy

* 3. How would you rate your firm on the following important factors:

  Weak Average Good Excellent
Staff training
Leadership development
Owner succession and exit plans
Technology utilisation
Consultant support
Consultant performance
Overall business performance
Managing costs
Standing out from your competitors
Securing retained assignments
Securing exclusive assignments
Maintaining strong fee margins
Diversification of revenues
Retaining existing billing staff
Sourcing new billing staff
Attending useful industry events

* 4. What are your TOP 3 focus areas to ensure the future success of your business?

* 5. What is your overall level of business confidence for the half year ending 31 December 2018 compared with the half year to 30 June 2018?

* 7. How many total staff do you have (including part time equivalents)?

* 8. What percentage of your NET revenue comes from the following?

* 9. Please indicate the effectiveness of hiring your own internal staff via:

  Poor Average Good Excellent
Word of mouth referrals
Candidates from your specialty industries
Recruitment to Recruiters
Seek advertising
Client referrals
Headhunting from competitors

* 10. What aspects or challenges of running a high performing recruitment business would you like to learn more about at future industry events?

* 11. Please register your name and email address here to receive a free copy of the overall results when they are published.

* 12. Would you like us to send you a confidential summary of your answers and a copy of the confidential final report for all firms? (at no time will you or your firm be identified in the final report)