YOU HAVE A SAY IN HOW YOUR SCHOOL IS SUPPORTED! PTO is our Parent and Teacher Organization at Chipeta Elementary School.  This organization meets monthly to make decisions about how to spend fundraiser money, brainstorm ways to support students, and help support the school in a variety of ways.  It is a friendly group of Chipeta parents that welcome new members.  Free child care is provided as well as a monthly raffle for anyone that attends.  Please take the survey below so that we may do our best to include all Chipeta families in our PTO meetings.

* 1. If you are willing to join PTO, what day of the week is best for meetings?/ Si le gustaria participar en el PTO, que dia entre la semana estas mejor?

* 2. What time of day is best for you to attend PTO meeting?/A que tiempo entre la dia es mejor?

* 3. What do you feel holds you back from attending PTO meetings?/Que es la cosa que aguantes sobre la reunion?