* 1. Primary program

* 2. Do you or have you offered a course with an online component?

* 3. How would you describe your level of awareness of electronic resources at Fogler Library?

* 4. How often do you use electronic books (e-books) that Fogler Library provides?

* 5. If you answered Never to Question 4, why?

* 6. Do you currently integrate the use of e-books into your courses?

* 7. How important are the following features to e-books?

  very important somewhat important not important
Anytime access
Off-campus access
Ability for more than one students to use an e-book at the same time
Downloading to laptop
Copying and pasting
Zoom and scale
Automatic citations
Ability to email text
Ability to share notes
Downloading to hand held device
Collaborative tools
Personal bookshelves
Shared Bookshelves

* 8. How would you characterize electronic access to books as compared to print?

* 9. What are the advantages of electronic resources for your research or instruction?

* 10. What are the disadvantages of electronic resources for your research or instruction?

* 11. What do you feel would make e-book usage more suitable for use in your area?

* 12. Would you prefer Fogler Library to own or have access (without ownership) to e-books and why?

* 13. Please let us know your thoughts on e-books.