Hello, WU Alum. The University is updating our alumni contact data base. In addition, in preparation for our regularly scheduled Continued Accreditation self study, we are requesting your feedback in order to improve the University experience for our students today and into the future.
Please assist us by completing this Update and Survey. Your contact information and responses will: only be used by the University; be kept confidential; and not be sold or distributed

* 1. Name:

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* 3. Graduation/last Date

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* 5. Major/Minor

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* 8. Co-Op Experience 1:

* 9. Co-Op Experience 2:

* 10. Focusing on Co-Op Experience 1, was it relevant to your major/program?

* 11. Focusing on Co-Op Experience 2, was it relevant to your major/program?

* 12. If your answer was No to either Co-Op 1 or 2 or both, please tell us why? Please be specific: