1. Welcome to the Early Childhood Educators on Social Media Survey

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The past few years have been an exciting time to watch as more early childhood educators have come online. As the community has grown, it's become harder to track the action and engage with each other. This survey is an attempt to bring us all together online through a directory that lists as many ECE educators who participate in social media as possible.

The survey is set up so you can complete it more than once, so you can use it to "register" your personal, organizational, and volunteer presences.

This is not an exact science, so if you will encounter some fields that don't make sense for your purpose, please leave them blank.

I will publish the results of this survey periodically on my website at http://www.ESbyFS.com/SocialECE so that it becomes a mini-clearinghouse to which the community can turn to find each other.

The directory won't be fancy because I'm using free tools to collect the data and a simple CMS to publish the results, but the directory will be there! If you enter your email address accurately, I will let you know when the survey is posted.

Please be aware that I will spot-check the links to ensure that they are legitimate, but I am not responsible for mistakes and/or updating information. For now, we'll keep it simple!

There are 3 pages to the survey. YOU MUST CLICK "DONE" ON THE LAST PAGE, or your survey will not be submitted!

Thanks for participating!

Fran Simon
Chief Engagement Officer
Engagement Strategies

P.S. Please encourage your colleagues to list themselves and their organizations on this directory. Send them the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C7WR8HZ

P.P.S. If you are a database geek and you are interested in offering your services to this mini-project, please contact me http://www.esbyfs.com/contactus