* 1. To receive CE credits please enter information requested. Nurses may  earn at least 6.25 hours of CE credits. Your certificate will be sent to your email address within five business days. Please take a few moments to answer all the questions in the survey. Your thoughtful input helps us plan future meetings to better serve your academic interests. Thank you.

* 2. To receive CE credits RN and LVN attendees should contact their respective state nursing boards. Please indicate below the actual number of hours that you attended at today's meeting

* 3. For each symposium speaker named below please indicate if in your opinion the presentation was free of commercial bias.

  Yes No
Fernando Martinez, MD
Matthew Baker, MD
Matthew Greenhawt, MD
Marc Riedl, MD
Mark Boguniewicz, MD
Jenny Murase, MD (Contact Dermatitis)
Jenny Murase, MD (Mystery Rashes)
AAIFNC Board Members

* 4. As a health care professional how would you rate the effectiveness of each presentation with 5 being the highest?

  1 2 3 4 5
Fernando Martinez, MD
Matthew Baker, MD
Matthew Greenhawt, MD
Marc Riedl, MD
Mark Boguniewicz, MD
Jenny Murase,, MD (Contact Dermatitis)
Jenny Murase,, MD (Mystery Rashes)
AAIFNC Board Members

* 5. Please evaluate the course overall.

  Yes No
The right amount of information was presented
The activity provided objectivity and balance
There was sufficient time allotted for the presentations
The activity was independent, balanced, and free of commercial bias

* 6. With respect to today's symposium topics and future meeting topics please tell us about your interests and educational needs.

  Enthusiastically Want More Wouldn't Mind More No strong opinion Wouldn't Mind Less Vehemently Want Less
Autoinflammatory diseases
Microbiome & relationship to human disease
Allergic conjunctivitis
Allergic rhinitis
Food allergy
Hereditary angioedema

* 7. Please tell us about your impression of the program as an overall environment for a useful and comfortable educational experience

  Enthusiastically Agree Agree No strong opinion Disagree Vehemently Disagree
Registration was simple & accurate.
Lecture room temperature was optimal.
Sound level & quality were optimal.
Seating was comfortable & adequate.
Audiovisual presentation was optimal.
Subjects were interesting and relevant.
There was adequate time for questions.
Moderators were prepared & fair.
Adequate time was provided to visit sponsors.
Breaks were optimal in length.
Refreshments were excellent.
Breakfast was excellent.
Lunch was excellent.

* 8. Help us prioritize aspects of future meetings by ranking the following attributes so that we may continue to bring you the meeting that you want.

  Highest Lowest
Great breakfast
Venue in San Francisco
Great lunch
Longer 1.5 day program
Highest quality speakers
Hotel venue in downtown San Francisco
Printed syllabus
Flash drive with slides
Product theater
Longer 2 day program

* 9. To submit you answers hit the "DONE" button at the end of this survey . Your certificate will be emailed to you within 10 business day.