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Communication Professional Career Competency Assessment

Based on a global survey of communication professionals conducted by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the competency assessment is designed to assist the communication professional in assessing the importance of key communication activities and the practitioner's perceived competence in those activities in their current role in an organization. Upon completion of the assessment, participants will download a worksheet to compare their value of importance with the results from the global survey. By analyzing the gaps when comparing the data, participants can identify their current strengths and future development opportunities in career development.

The assessment is organized according to the six principles of the communication profession: ethics, context, analysis, strategy, consistency and engagement. Each principle is described and tagged with key words associated with it to further guide the input of participants.

How the assessment will be conducted:
1. Participants will input online their importance ranking of key communication activities and then their perceived competence in each of the key communication activities. Upon completion of each page, before hitting the "next" button, participants should right click on the mouse to print a hard copy of their rankings for their later comparison with the global survey findings.
2. Upon completion of the survey, participants will be directed to the Comparison Worksheet.

Participants should plan on 30-45 minute session to complete the online assessment.  Participants can exit the online input.  Upon re-entry, participants will be taken to the point where they left the assessment previously.

The assessment is merely a guide to supplement career assessment and inform professional development in a communication professional's career planning.

So, put your "reflective" hat on and enjoy the journey in planning your career next steps!

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