* 1.
By means of its spin-off Mitiga Solutions, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center develops and commercializes the SORT-ATM technology, a user-friendly HPC software application capable to provide customer-based solutions for Air Traffic Management. Please help us improve by answering the following questions.

* 2. What is your operational protocol during an emergency event such as a volcanic eruption, including: flight planning, rerouting, and pilot execution?

* 3. Which are the key players within an airline for the decision-making during a crisis event caused by volcanic risk?

* 4. Who prepares and what includes the safety management plan (SMP) for volcanic ash. How can we improve this SMP in the event of a volcanic eruption?

* 5. How often are your operations disrupted by a volcanic ash, and how significant are these impacts to your company?

* 6. How useful would be our service to your business?

* 7. What suggestions do you have for improving SORT-ATM?