Thank you for your interest in the Rental Improvement Fund. 

PHDC announced its Small Landlord Rental Improvement Fund (RIF) pilot program in partnership with Impact Loan Fund. RIF assists landlords with fewer than 10 rental apartments. The purpose of RIF is to improve and repair units and stabilize the supply of affordable rental housing in the City.

RIF can make loans from $10,000 to under $25,000 for landlords to improve their rental units to address health and safety-related repairs. Participating landlords must maintain affordable rents for the term of the loan, meet fair housing guidelines, and have a rental license.

The first phase of this program will take place in the following zip codes: 19120, 19122, 19124, 19125, 19133, 19134, 19137, and 19140.
For more information regarding the loan terms and program details please visit: impactservices.org/rental-improvement-fund/,  contact: Loan@impactservices.org, or call: 215-974-0900.